What is the state of your current social media activities? How do you reach your target audience? Which social media platforms are best for your business? What is the secret to 'good' content? How do you respond to a negative review?


In a consultation I will answer your questions, identify your objectives and create a social media strategy exclusively designed for your specific needs, goals, brand and target audience.





In support of your customized social media strategy implementation, Spots & Stripes offers services that will ensure reaching your goals. This may involve hands-on assistance on parttime or flexible as-needed basis, including content creation (photo's, graphic design), content calendar, training and assistance, tips & tricks, and social media advertising & campaigns.



You might be familiar with the saying "a leopard cannot change its spots" or "a tiger cannot change its stripes"... in other words: one can't change one's essential nature.

This saying reflects the key factor of successful branding and marketing - authenticity.

Spots & Stripes stands for a marketing approach that is all about authenticity and builds on the deepest essence of your brand. I aim to give your brand an inviting and enduring presence on relevant media that resonate with your (target) customer base.

Online platforms, or social media, are my passion and area of expertise. Virtually everybody is active on one or more social media, including your customers. Research shows that over 80% of your customers may actually rely on social media for information on planned purchases.


Social media holds the power to connect, create communities, tell your unique story and engage in two-way communications with your (prospective) customers.

Spots & Stripes helps small and mid-size businesses develop and implement highly effective social media strategies and campaigns. You will benefit from my years of hands-on experience and custom-designed solutions for your business.

Whether you are new to social media, or already active, Spots & Stripes and its flexible range of support options represent the shortest and most cost effective way to accelerated social media success.


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