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It's the little things.

I frequently come across real brands and real people on social media that, for little reasons, make me smile.


CLUSE doesn't let the fact that watches are worn faced upwards on the wrist limit their photography. They simply slide the watch. It's so ridiculously simple and makes for eye-catching posts like this one. Maybe even the start of a new trend?

★ De Koffieschenkerij ★

A cute place to have a coffee and home of the best apple pie in town. I love how they put their neighbours in the spotlight. A great example of how the online community can strengthen the offline community.

★ Hashtag Workmode ★

There is an option to highlight Instagram stories, meaning that instead of a story disappearing in 24 hours, it remains on the Instagram profile. It's possible to give this highlighted story a name, resulting in an awesome way to showcase services. To whoever started this - *high-five*

★ Van Ness Cupcake ★

The. Best. Cupcakes. Ever. Aside from enjoying photos of beautiful and tasty cupcakes, followers have a real benefit to keep an eye on this page because of the insider discounts which are always done in a fun and true to brand way like 'Whisper "Amsterdam Dance" or do a small dance for a free cupcake'.

Love it!

It's the little things that add up to form a brand image that is successful on social media.

Every little bit counts :)


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